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Broforce - Descarga Broforce, versión Broforce - Beta

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Big explosion and action packed movies were a big part of the 80s. Taking inspiration from the explosive era, Broforce brings you a non-stop action packed game that is sure to take you on a rollercoaster ride, where you take your 80s action heroes on a defeat-the-terrorist spree. The heroes have been baptized with their own ‘Bro’ names and aspire to save the world with your help. And this is exactly what forms the core of the game, ‘Broforce’.
You will see some of the most famous movie inspired heroes, like Rambo, Robocop, and the Terminator. There are a few more recent heroes as well for you to take control of and barge through different levels. The levels will take you through different environments, but there’s one agenda above all in the game: destroy everything around you!
The enemies are no exception. Staying true to the 80s inspired villains, your enemies range from rifle holding soldiers to mini forces that will try to sabotage your mission to save the world. However, the heroes are not handicapped and can carry weapons to fight the enemies with equal or more rage. You can unlock different ‘Bro Heroes’ on different levels to get a taste of more powerful ones.
Updates to the game are released regularly since it is still in beta, and while a few minor bugs and glitches can be a problem, the overall gaming experience is not hampered. The multiplayer option can double the fun, and if you are an 80s action movies fan, this game is a must play for you!


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